<Okinawa>The best izakaya to enjoy local food “Torabama” review

Okinawa food Izakaya Torabama

When you visit Okinawa, you do want to try their local food, right?

Here’s one of the best izakaya in Okinawa, so I’d like to introduce.

Basic Torabama Info
  • Adress: Okinawaken’nahashi Makishi 2-7-25
  • Access:1min from Makishi station on Yui rail
  • Tel:098-862-3124
  • Reserve: Online reservation available
  • Opening hours:11:00~15:00
    Lunch 12:00~14:30(L.O 14:00)
  • Credit Card: Acceptable

\make a reservation online/

Details about Torabama

Okinawa food Izakaya Torabama

The theme of this izakaya is traditional song from Yaeyama area. There’s “Nomihodai (drink as much as you want)”service, so you may want to stay at a hotel close to Kokusai dori street and enjoy drinking.

Okinawa food Izakaya Torabama

You can feel classic type of Japan.

Okinawa food Izakaya Torabama

I had dinner at this seat. You can overlook this izakaya.

from the seat I took


Okinawa food Izakaya Torabama
Sweet alohol mango and Citrus depressa

You have to try its tropical alcohol once you go to Okinawa.

Recommended dishes are below.

Okinawa food Izakaya Torabama

I had Goya Chanpuru some typical Okinawa seaweed tempura and some salad.

Okinawa food Izakaya Torabama
Tacos Salad(750yen)
Okinawa food Izakaya Torabama

Seafood tempura(690yen)

It’s like the top of taco rice, famous in Okinawa, and tasty.

I liked this tempura the best in this Izakaya.

Okinawa food Izakaya Torabama
Somin Chanpuru(690円)

Chanpuru is Okinawan local food, champuru means “fried” I guess.

Torabama is a good place to visit while you are in Okinawa

Food was good, and the place was convenient, not so crowded, I loved this place. They usually have singers who sing Okinawan traditional songs with shamisen (Okinawa classical guitar)

I recommend you stay at a hotel close to Kokusai dori street.

Want to check out more? Here’s their reservation site.