Inari Chicken tasted awesome! Only local people know

Okinawa unknown special food called Inari Chicken

If you have been to Okinawa, you might think of food like Okinawa noodles, taco rice and goya champuru.

But, there’s this unknown special food calle Inari Chicken!

What is it?

You might think like this, but trust me, it’s worth eating. it was amazing and really cheap. Most tourists do not know this place, so only local people go to this place and enjoy their food.

I really wanted to eat twice, even though I was in Okinawa for three nights.

Unknown special local food “Inari Chicken”


As you can imagine, this shop sells inari and chicken only. They will not have more branches, I really wish this was in Osaka, too.

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These food are not instagramable and not so famous, so it’s local people’s favorite food. I got to know them just because my friend heard about this place by a person from Okinawa.

Inari Chiken Basic Info
  • Shop name: Maruichi Shokuhin Honten
  • Address: 住所:336 Katsuren Heshikiya, Uruma City, Okinawa
  • TEL:098-978-3257
  • Business hour:[Tue-Sun] 9:00~17:00
  • You can get even just one inari for 90 yen.
  • Chicken without bones 120-140yen(they sell by gram)

Let’s eat Inari Chicken


You cannot eat their food their, they only offer take-out. We got inari and chicken, then we couldn’t wait, so we opened them in a car. It was full of garlic smell.


First, I tried Chicken.

oh my gosh

It was really great. I do not know what to say, it is way too good.

The outside is crispy and the inside is juicy. You can taste garlic really well, but in a good way of course.

I wonder how they make these.


At first I thought “Chicken and Inari? What a weird combo!”.


Inari was so light. It is definately different from the one we can get at a supermarket in Japan. They say their inari and chicken is like “infinity loop”, which means you can eat it forever.

Local people sometimes have a competition to win this inari and chicken at a table.

If there was this place in Osaka, I would eat these at least once a week.


There’s only two shops in Okinawa. They are not going to have another one either.

It is too popular to get in the afternoon. You should go get these in the morning.


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