Enjoyable plan at Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari Minoh Kanko Hotel

Ooedo Onsen Mino Kanko hotel

Don’t you sometimes want to just chill at a hotel, not going around the city in Osaka?

In that case, Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari Minoh Kanko Hotel is the best for you.

It is famous for “too gorgeous buffet”, which means they offer great food which is not even profitable for them.

I went to this lunch buffet 4 years ago, and I loved it very much.

This “too gorgeous buffet”is available not only for the customers at this hotel, but also just the visitors.

I wonder how they survive since they offer too much. They are not making any profit from this buffet.

The last time I went there, I enjoyed this “too gorgeous buffet” and spa garden, but this time, I stayed at this hotel.

It was amazing, so I’d like to introduce this hotel on this blog.

What is “Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari Minoh Kanko Hotel”?


This Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari Minoh Kanko Hotel is famous for open-air bath on the top floor “Tenku no yu”, fancy buffet.

You have to get your stomach ready for this amazing meal.

Here’s the basic information of Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari Minoh Kanko Hotel.

Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari Minoh Kanko Hotel

Check-In : 15:00
Check-Out : 10:00

Address: 1-1 Onsemmachi, Mino 562-0006 Osaka Prefecture


Shuttle bus available from Senri-Chuo Station, Ibaraki Station and Osaka Umeda station. More details are here

Parking fee:1000yen/ day

Recommended Way to Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari Minoh Kanko Hotel


If you want to enjoy around Mino on the day of your stay or on the next day, driving to Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari Minoh Kanko Hotel is the best choice, because great places in Mino is a bit inconvenient without cars.

From my experience, you should get your stomach ready for the special buffet on the day of your stay, and after the checkout, you may want to rent a car. In this way, you do not pay for the parking fee.

If you have a car, you should definately drive here

If you are not planning on enjoying in Mino, you can take the train, because this Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari Minoh Kanko Hotel is just 5 minutes away from the station.

Or you can take the shuttle bus which goes to Ibaraki, Osaka Umeda or Senri-Chuo. It depends where you want to go after the checkout.

The Best Plan to Enjoy Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari Minoh Kanko Hotel

箕面温泉 箕面観光ホテル

There’s so many things you can enjoy within the hotel.

I went to Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari Minoh Kanko Hotel with my female friend, and we enjoyed too much, so I’d like to share the staying plan.

1.Eat at home <important>

You may think “It’s not relevant”, but it is. You have to eat something at home. This is because for dinner, you want to eat tons of great food. To make it happen, you have to eat before you go to the hotel, and get your stomach empty by dinner.

Of course there’s some food shop in Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari Minoh Kanko Hotel, but if you eat lunch here, it may affect your eating performance at dinner.

2. Take the shuttle bus which departs from Osaka Station at 11:30

I took the shuttle bus which departs from around the Sakurabashi guchi gate, JR Osaka Station. This shuttle bus is not only for the hotel guests, but also for the visitors, so you should wait in the line in advance.

It took 40 minutes from there.

3. Leave your baggage at a cloakroom


You can enjoy Showa-Era (1926-1989)

You cannot check in when you arrive, so you have to leave your baggage at a cloakroom. Then, you just go directly to the Mino Onsen Spa Garden.

4.Walk around the Mino Spa Garden


There’s some old “arcade games”

Mino Onsen Spa Garden is like a maze.


You can lie down and read manga.

I recommend walking around first to see what kind of things they have in this hotel.

Maybe making a list to play is a good idea.

5. Wear Yukata (kind of Kimono)


You can choose any yukata from here for free

At Mino Onsen Spa garden, you can choose any yukata(1 piece only).Let’s get dressed and enjoy the moment.

6. Check out the Sky Garden


Sky Garden

There’s no special event unless it’s summer, but let’s check the scenery from there.You can swim in the pool in summer.

I went there in spring, so I couldn’t enjoy the pool but I felt so comfortable that I fell asleep.

7. Have a drink and get some rest


you can use this table.

There’s so many places to get rest in Mino Onsen Spa Garden. There’s tatami too.


You can get some rest on tatami mat.

There’s crepes as well, so tempting.



I know I had to get hungry by dinner, but I couldn’t help getting a crepe. OMG.


It was very nice, but if you go for dinner buffet, you really should have this on the second day.



8. Table tennis


Once you take a break, let’s go upstairs and play table tennis.You can burn your calories here before the huge dinner.

There was so many table tennis court, so probably you won’t wait that long.

I played table tennis for more than 2 hours.

9. Mino Onsen Spa Garden’s hot springs

Once you sweat, you may want to go downstairs and enjoy the hot springs on the B1 floor. You will go for dinner afterwards, so wear a shower-hat and do not take off your makeup.


10. Go to Tenku-no-yu (Open air bath) to see the sunset

You might want to check what time is the sunset, then you go to Tenku-no-yu to see the sunset from the open air bath.

11. 19:00~ Dinner buffet


roast beef

This is the main part! Time for gorgeous dinner buffet.


You can enjoy it only for 90 minutes, so make sure to get there on time.

Free drinks are included, so just prioritize what you need and wait in line. I’m sure there’s so many people. Do not waste your time!(Only 90 minutes, remember?)


230 kinds of food

we got there at 19:00, but we had to take our food ourselves, so the time we started eating was already 19:30. Too many kinds of tempting food!

First round


This is first round too


Dessert is nice too

Do not take too much, just take the amount of food you can eat

12. 21:00~ Take a rest


private hot springs are available (with extra charge)

You don’t want to move around after the dinner buffet. So just take some rest. Of course you can go to Mino Spa Garden again if you like.

13. 22:30~ Go to Tenku-no-yu Again

You may think “Do I need to go to the same hot spring on the same day?”, but it’s worth seeing the night view, too!


Night view from my room

I recommend not wetting your hair yet, just enjoy the view and go to another hot spring later on. They switch men and women’s hot spring around this time, so you can enjoy both hot springs.

Then you go to Tsukimi-no-yu and wash your hair and body.

Night view from the bath room is great, too


Night view from the bath room at a room we stayed

If you don’t like public hot springs, you can enjoy in your room, too.

14. 7:00 Go to Tenku-no Yu again.

You may want to enjoy the view in the morning from Tenku-no-yu.

15. Go for morning buffet


morning buffet

There’s no time limit like dinner for morning buffet.


So you want to go there early.


first round

There’s so many great food like dinner, so you should get up early and enjoy!

I went for breakfast at 8:30 but I wished I had come here earlier

16.10:00 Check out


Even after the checkout, you still can go to Mino Onsen Spa Garden. So you can enjoy being here again!


So you can enjoy at Mino Spa Garden for the whole day as well. We rented a car on this day, so we enjoyed the spa and left around noon.

Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari Minoh Kanko Hotel was too good


I live in Osaka, so it didn’t take me to get here so long, so I made the most of it.

I did eat crepe before the buffet which I regret, but I included that on this blog, so just follow this flow then you won’t regret it !